1. All of our can labels have maps in the background. If you look closely, you will be able to recognize geographical points. How many areas can you find that you have been to?

2. Did you know that the woman on the front of our .50 Caliber IPA is owner, Ginger Bowden holding a real Barrett .50 Caliber Rifle and wearing a military helmet. We took the picture and then had it turned into the graphic you now see on the can.

3. The cart graphic for the Pilgrimage Extra Pale Ale is a handcart like was used to help Utah settlers cross the Midwest with their most prized possessions. Our most prized possessions....VBC BEER. As you can see, our cart is full packed full.

4. All of the spent grain (barley left over after brewing) is used to feed local livestock. One of those family farms spends their time raising bucking bulls for the PBR, which we might add, they are ranked very high. Could it be the spent grain from VBC beers? I guess that is for you to decide.

The handsome bucking bulls fed with our spent grain

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