Skylor Alexander - Beer Slave Extraordinaire™

Skylor Alexander was born in Kansas City, Kansas and has lived most of his life in Kansas. His love for beer was fostered unintentionally at a young age. Many of his immediate family members owned and operated nice bars all throughout life. He grew up hearing of bootlegger, moonshiner, and brewing fairy tales from family members and the wide colorful array of personalities he was surrounded by from a young age.

“I spent summers at the lake water skiing, riding my bike and honing in my desire to become a human fish. The evenings were spent around camp fires, while the old men had their fill of beer and told wild outlandish tales.”

Skylor started out his career working with fermentation, yeast, and distillation at a large Ethanol Production facility. This is where his passion for beer truly exploded. He became fascinated, maybe even obsessed with fermentation, brewing, distilling, and microbiology. While there, he started taking courses to advance his knowledge and passion through many different educational resources and brewing with friends.

“I recently discovered my Great Grandmother brewed all of her own beer, so it must be in my genes, a natural calling, to work with beer and maybe why my passion is so strong.”

He began his brewing career working for Tallgrass Brewing Co. in Manhattan, KS where he worked managing the Lab and Cellar, working with many styles of beers and barrel aging. He acquired tunnel vision where he saw nothing else in his career, other than yeast, microbiology, wort and of course the occasional taste test.

Skylor helped us in the beginning to open our wonderful brewery. He departed to assist his family back home and pursued other ventures including brewery consulting Where he built and assisted many breweries in startup and operations. He also worked with Co2 recovery for craft brewers.

“Everybody has their masters, not many have a Beer Slave Extraordinaire!”

He is renewing his adventure with us here at Vernal Brewing Company in continuing to produce unique craft beers. He will be focusing on streamlining and managing production and brewery operations.

"I love Utah, I'm an outdoor type of person and I was ecstatic to return to Vernal Brewing Company and be back where I could enjoy the outdoors and have a career I truly love surrounded by great people."

Troy Bath - Maintenance & Packaging

Troy is our Head of Packaging Operations and also is the head of our maintenance department. If you grab a can or a pint of beer...Troy has helped get it there. He a a strong member of our brewery team.

Curtis Dille - Captain Red Beard

​From Ogden, Utah, Curtis has been homebrewing since 2010,  and recently quit his lime light career as a software developer in order to become a professional janitor. He now spends his days cleaning fermenters, filters, and floors. While moonlighting in the cellar filtering beers and maintaining beer maturation as our Assistant Brewer.

Adrien Eastes - Kitchen Mission Man

Adriiiiieeeeeennnnnnn!!!!! (Input best "Rocky" impersonation)

Adrien has endured our brand of misfit after a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He has warmed our hearts, kept our mouths clean and stood by his core values. Adrien is ambitious! He never pretends, he never fails and has come from being a dishwasher to a line cook in just a couple of months.

He plans to become an RN in a couple of years, periodically the intelligent grace us. You can often find Adrien devouring some VBC creation veraciously. He really really really enjoys VBC homemade root beer and dessert!!

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Sir Douglas Arthur - Dish Pit

He is the master of the dish pit! He rivals Mr. Clean! He creates more sparkles than you ever did see! Armed with a dishwasher (his weapon of clean), he turns this kitchen of dirt and grime into a beautiful machine!

Doug is a hopeless romantic and adores his cat named DJ. He entertains us with his many "Dougisms". By the way, ladies... he is single!

Ginger Bowden - Founder & Owner

Exceptional food, craft beer and a place to enjoy it with friends and family is something Ginger has always gravitated towards.  This love fueled Ginger’s passion and desire to create a unique experience for the Basin and the Wasatch Front. 

Vernal Brewing Company is the result of her passion; a one-of-a-kind dining and craft brewery that offers dishes made from the garden, craft beers on par with the best in the country and a gathering place that is warm and welcoming.  Ginger looks forward to getting to know your family and helping you develop a passion for good food, drinks and a place to enjoy them.

Mark Watson - Brew Master
Mark was born in Massachusetts. He moved to California in his late teens. He began to homebrew when three friends gave him equipment for Christmas one year. After a couple of years he decided that he wanted to make it a career. He attended the American Brewers Guild where he earned a diploma in craft brewing.

Mark then worked for Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley for eleven years on both their 125 barrel and 15 barrel pilot systems. Having grown tired of production brewing, and wanting to have more say in what he was brewing, Mark began to look for something new which led to him becoming the brewer at Vernal Brewing Company.

Shayna "Shayner" Edwards - Diabetic Pastry Fairy

Affectionately called Shayner, she has thrived in the service industry for over 20 years, 15 of them have been spent serving delightfully alcoholic concoctions and coaxing intoxicated smiles.

Once Shayner heard rumors of a brewery, in of all places, Vernal, Utah, she promptly started begging owner and founder, Ginger Bowden, for the opportunity to become part of Vernal Brewing Company.

Seeing Shayner's excitement (and with a lengthy application process) Ginger relented to Shayner's pleas. With a big ole smile and beautiful bar....uhmm counter... Shayner greeted eager guests as  VBC opened in 2013.

Tortured by her taste buds and mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the kitchen, Shayner jumped when former Chef Eric Miller suggested a pastry apprentice. From there she sought to marry her love for intoxicating drink with the passionate pleasure of delectable dessert.

Recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Shayner believes that all great pleasures come from craft beer, riding motorcycles, bourbon, dark chocolate, and most importantly, a full vial of insulin.

Justin Shaver - The Kitchen Samurai

Justin has been amusing VBC guests and employees since shortly after our opening in 2013. With an unstoppable heart, Justin has always been a backbone for the whole VBC crew. In the front of the house he is attentive, brisk and efficient. He exudes an infectious smile and playful demeanor.

In the back of the house, Justin shines. He pours his creativity, eccentric hair color, mad power ballad skills and unbelievable energy into creating gastrointestinal pleasure unbound. If you peek your head into our kitchen, he is often dancing his way across the line and belting out in unison with Disney Sing-A-Long, which just so happens to be the back of the house favorite Pandora station.

Brendyn Houghton - Front Of House Manager
Proclaiming himself "the greatest server to walk the lands", Brendyn has been serving for ten years. After finding the standard of other restaurants service unsatisfactory, Brendyn found his way to the Vernal Brewing Company. Where the the belief of great service, the love of beer, the creation of fantastic food and the appreciation for the guest were once again a priority.

The Vernal Brewing Company is the place where ideas for two of his favorite things had become united: craft beer and amazing people. Believing that service can only get better and better through establishing relationships with clientele, Brendyn began to exceed in the craft of serving and quickly rose through the ranks to become to the Front of House Manager for the VBC.

Brendyn then tasked himself with putting together the sharpest, most efficient, and let alone best crew that could be found in the Uintah Basin. So far, he has succeeded and will continue to do so with the support of YOU, the guest. YOU'RE the reason we do what we do.

Ashleigh - The Kitchen Ninja

Ashleigh has been with VBC from the beginning. She started out as a humble little dishwasher. Fortunately, the mighty Chef Eric Miller took pity on the poor girl and took her under his wing. He shared with her his knowledge of all secrets culinary. Ashleigh poured her heart and soul into every pizza, salad, sauce, vegetable, and every steak devouring all her beloved master would teach her.

Ashleigh has given her blood (knives are sharp), sweat (it's hot in the kitchen), tears (the dishwasher broke), and flesh (a mere offering to the fryer gods) to become The Kitchen Ninja she is today.

She hopes to make her teacher proud, her guests smile, and continue to watch VBC grow.

Whitney - Guest Service

Whitney is one of the greatest servers in the land, as well. Serving amongst any odds! Whether is be a broken arm or baby on board, Whitney exceeds expectations again and again. We are very proud to have her on the team here at the VBC. Bright and smiley, Whitney will make your evening perfect. Or break her arm trying.

Jamie - Guest Service
With years of experience under her belt, Jamie found her way to the team at the Vernal Brewing Company. She began to deliver amazing service as well as fantastic team player abilities. Very proficient and reliable, Jamie will deliver more than you could ask for. She is a great asset to the Team VBC!

Amber - Guest Service

Experienced in accounting, guest service, blogging and the ways of breweries, Amber found her way to the VBC in 2015. New to the VBC crew, she rapidly showed great customer service and personable traits. She also displayed great reliability and the skills to make a shift run smoothly. VBC is happy to have such an intelligent and amazing server. Go check out her blog at:

Natasha (Nam Chzing) - Hostess/Bouncer

Natasha's story is one of epic proportions! Bringing shame and dishonor to her family, Natasha posed in the Imperial Army as a man and eventually defeated the Huns with the help of her dragon ancestor and cricket sidekick. She then began working at the Vernal Brewing Company as our hostess. YAY!

On the real though, Natasha is the youngest of the Front of House VBC crew. She has been with the VBC  for a little over two years and provides excellent hosting discipline. She is the first happy face you'll see on your next visit to the VBC and grows in hosting experience every day. A natural in the hosting ways, she will have you sitting comfortably and promptly in no time!